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Case Studies : Toronto Life + Kijiji = Commutes with Toronto Life
Toronto Life + Kijiji = Commutes with Jus Reigns
Delivered: 5 x 2 minute videos

Case Studies : Behind the scenes photo 1   Case Studies : Behind the scenes photo 2

When our client came with a rough idea of what they were looking to execute, we worked COLLABORATIVELY with the team to flesh out the concept and then provided FULL PRODUCTION SERVICES from scripting to post production. The onsite crew was lean, consistent and EFFICIENT. Maximizing the scheduling and time of the celebrity talent while providing the HIGHEST QUALITY environment for both the client and talent.

Case Studies : Sobeys = Sobeys We've Got Local Roots
Sobeys : We’ve Got Local Roots
Delivered: 12 x :10 sec videos

Case Studies : Website screenshot - Sobeys    Case Studies : Behind the scenes shot

With the robust NETWORK of CONNECTIONS to the best freelancers in the business and a ready inventory of equipment, Wanderer had the RESOURCES needed to have top notch full crew on the East Coast for a three-day shoot within five business days of receiving a call from the client, offering RESPONSIVE SERVICE without compromising production value.

Case Studies : NFL Logo
NFL Homegating 
Delivered: 5 x 120sec videos
10 x :10 videos (Instagram)
High-res food stills (used for on-line recipes)

Case Studies : behind the scenes shot 1 Case Studies : behind the scenes shot 2 Case Studies : behind the scenes shot 3 Case Studies : behind the scenes shot 4

To MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCIES and provide POSITIVE ROI we coordinated and executed the production of MULTIPLE CONTENT PIECES in a single day shoot – from feature videos to Instagram spots & behind the scenes and magazine style stills. Our razor sharp attention to details ensured a SMOOTH SHOOT DAY, kept celebrity talent happy and a high profile client satisfied.

Case Studies : Trumeau Stones + TiffanyPratt = Instagram photo
Trumeau Stones + Tiffany Pratt = Think Pink
Delivered: Instagram Campaign

Case Studies : Instagram TiffanyPratt screenshot  Case Studies : behind the scenes shot 1  Case Studies : behind the scenes shot 2

Wishing to introduce a younger audience their brand, we CONNECTED INFLUENCER Tiffany Pratt (@thetiffanypratt) with our client, to create multiple content pieces from a single shoot day. With an audience of over 34,000 followers, with an average household income of +$100, Pratt provided the perfect bridge to a younger design oriented audience. Our team DROVE THE CREATIVE DIRECTION, developing, shooting and producing content that showed a more playful side of a more traditional brand.